Sunday, September 30, 2007

Youtube Sundays

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1 This Heat Horizontal Hold This Heat
2 * Tall Firs More to Come Tall Firs
3 The Cherubs Stag Party Herion Man
4 * Scout Niblett Lullaby for Scout in ten years time Live at the Middle East July 17 2007
5 Tim Hecker The Truth of Accountants Mirages
6 Johnny Griffin The Boy Next Door JG
7 Grey Daturas Dead in the Woods Overdue Resignation
8 Alice Cooper Black juju Love it to Death
9 Afrika Korps Too Cool to Fool Music to Kill by
10 Bitch Magnet Joan of Arc Umber + star booty rock
11 Cock E.S.P November Pain The Pride of North American Noise
12 Jackson C. Frank Milk and Honey Blues Run the Game
13 Library Tapes Skiss Av Lov Hosltuft
14 Monno Tiny Fossils Error
15 OOIOO UMA Taiga
16 The Paisleys Rockin' Cosmic Mind at Play
17 Blues Creation Atomic Bombs Away Demon and Eleven Children Rock
18 The Screamers 122 Hours of Fear In a better world
19 Yes Machine Messiah Drama
20 Hijokaidan Silver Machine Tapes
21 * Jazkamer Metal Music Machine Metal Music Machine
22 Jellyfish Joining a Fan Club Split Milk
23 Rudimentary Peni Him Hymn E.P.'s of R.P
24 Shooting at unarmed men Pathos ate Bathos Yes! Tinnitus!
25 The Soft Machine Thank You , Pierre Lunaire Vol.2
26 Void Authority VA- Flex Your Head
27 Midnight Circus Leather & Lace Richard...
28 Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 Greatest Hits
29 Brando The Seed The Headless Horseman is a Preacher
30 Rondells Tuesday Rock City The Fox
31 Time of Orchids Windswept Spectacle Namesake Cauition
32 * Nicholas Szczepanik Echoes Astilbe Rubra
33 The Jesus Lizard Puss Liar
34 Astrobrite Lollipop Pinkyshiney Ultrablast
35 Raooul Rotten Dead Monkey Bazooka Smooth
36 Ace Frehley Snow Blind First solo Lp
37 Bayless Rose Black Dog Blues American Primative VOL II: Pre War Revenants (1896-1939)
38 * Charlotte Hatherley Behave The Deep Blue
39 * D!O!D!OD! UnUnn? Ghost Temple

* new track

Thanks to Nick Szczepanik for the interview You can check out more of his stuff here
and order it here

Saturday, September 29, 2007

09/28/07 Playlist

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1 Black Flag My War My War
2 Landed 5 Everything's happening
3 Quix O Tic Ice Cream Sunday Mortal Mirror
4 Sun Ra &his Arkestra Angels and Demons at Play Music for Tomorrow's World
5 Unwound Mile Me Deaf A Single History
6 Witch Seer Witch
7 Polvo Tragic Carpet Ride Celebrate the New Dark Age
8 Nomeansno 2 lips, 2 lungs, and 1 tounge Wrong
9 Marnie Stern Grapefruit In Advance of the Broken Arm
10 Kevin Ayers May I? Shooting at the Moon
11 Gezoleen 3 Black Spaces between songs
12 The Damned Neat Neat Neat Damned Damned Damned
13 Charley Patton Mississippi Boweavil Blues Founder of the Delta Blues
14 Machines True Life Killed by Death #2
15 Failure Pillowhead Fantasic Planet
16 Hanadensha Gnosistongue Hanaden Bless All
17 My Bloody Valentine Don't Ask Why Glider EP
18 Big L No Endz No Skinz Lifestylez of the Poor & Dangerous
19 The Need O Sally how's it Feel With a Fake Hand The Need is Dead
20 Air Conditioning 2 Dead Rails
21 Red Asphalt Red Asphalt Homework 101
22 Supergrass Low C Road to Ruin
23 Bad News Bats Chronic Dexterousness S/T EP
24 Hum If you are to bloom Downward is Heavenward
25 Clockcleaner Caliente Queen Babylon Rules
26 Kilslug Necktie Party 7"
27 Yukon Gough Mortar
28 BAUHAUS In the flat field Press The Eject and give me the tape

Thursday, September 27, 2007

DNA in the DNA radioshow preview tomorrow

tomorrow at 4-6 pm EST listen to the first live broadcast of DNA in the DNA. This will be a sample of whats to come. If you are in the DC metro area it is 88.1 FM

to listen online go here

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Youtube Sundays

Awesome stuff here:


Review Homostupids - The Intern LP

I remember first hearing about these guys a few years back. The name was pretty rad, but at the time I believe they were only playing shows in Ohio. They maybe had a demo of some sort, but I never heard it. After finally getting my hands on their first 7" on Richie Records, I was completely floored. The new LP on Unknown Parts is a basically everything great about your favorite Killed by Death comp. The songs are extremely catchy and are noisey without sounding overbearing. Songs like Fish Boys and Sixths are great examples of how lo-fi punk should be done. While this sounds like this was recorded in someones basement, it doesn't come off as some shtick. The songs are urgent, and with a lot of music not just punk, that's something hard to archive. Oh and they have some new 7" out, yeah just like they said, good luck finding it shits.

Homostupids myspace

Parts unknown records

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Next Sunday 9/30

First Show WMUC 88.1 FM Stream live at: Sunday's 6-9 AM

New music from Pink Reason, Homostupids, Jesu, Clockcleaner, Jay Reatard and more
Plus rare tracks from The Eat, Charley Patton, Albert Ayler, Pain Teen and more

Live interview with Avant-Garde/Drone fuck Nicholas Szczepanik discussing his new record Astilbe Rubra.