Friday, November 16, 2007


Come on you love my bloody valentine, you live or know someone who lives in the crazy expensive city we call london, and you wanna see MBV dont care they're old!

so heres the deal, I got a pair to the manchester (first date) and glasgow (first date)

if you or someone you know can hook a guest and I up with a place to stay you'll get a pair of the manchester or glasgow shows for free!!!

the manchester show is june 28th
and the glasgow show is july 2nd

hook me up, get free tickets, everyone WINS!


11/11 playlist

11/11 podcast here
1 Federation X Madness X-Patriot
2 Can't A Brand New Horror Prepares To Fail Again
3 Harvey Milk Pinnochio's Example Courtesy And Good Will Toward
4 Paul McCartney Ram On Ram
5 Scratch Acid Cannibal The Greatest Gift
6 YDI Rizzo's Cumming Back Out For Blood
7 Crucifix Skinned Alive Dehumanization
8 Polvo Fast Canoe Exploded Drawing
9 Hammerhead Swallow Into the Vortex
10 Peter Lemer Quintet Frowville Local Colour
11 Rye Coalition The Higher The Hair The Closer To God Hee Saw Dhuh
12 Overhang Party Winter Lovers Overhang Party 4
13 Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits Love Dance of the Saroos Six Pieces for Dancing
14 Weasel Walter Quartet Revolt And Revolt Again Revolt Music
15 Skullflower Tribulation Void of Roses
16 The Zeros Don't Push Me Around Don't Push me Around
17 Klimeck Sunrise Milk and Honey
18 Sic Alps 1&2 Pleasures and Treasures
19 Tripping Daisy About the Movies Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb
20 Betty Davis Steppin' in Her I. Miller Shoes Betty Davis
21 Klangmutationen 1 Weibe Messe
22 DJ Krush Meiso (4 hero mix) Meiso
23 A.R. Kane Spermwhale Trip Over Sixty Nine
24 Deep Jew Deep Jew 7"
25 Superdrag Cynicality 4 Track Rock + Bender Sessions
26 Scout Niblett Kiss This Fool Can Die Now
27 Born Against Bit Part In A Bad Movie The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure
28 Slug Go Tell (Version) Swingers
29 Proposed Production Crain Speed
30 The Flaming Lips Lucifer Rising In A Priest Driven Ambulance
31 Brainiac Pussyfootin' Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
32 PBK & BMG Praising Suicide From A Well Set Table 1
33 The Sky Drops Now Would Be Clouds of People
34 Kenneth Higney Night Rider Attic Demonstration
35 Homostupids Highwayman The Intern LP
36 Jandek They Told Me About You Ready For The House

Sunday, November 4, 2007

11/4 playlist

Podcast here

1 Peter Brotzmann Responsible (Second Take) Machine Gun
2 Deathroes Untitled Hate Fuck
3 Squarepusher Tommib Lost in Translation
4 The Jam All Mod Cons All Mod Cons
5 My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep Live!!
6 D.R.I Block Head Dirty Rotten
7 The Dial Five Infraction
8 Jojo (from Hijokaidian) ???????? ????????
9 Wire Two People in a Room 154
10 Young Marble Giants N.I.T.A Colossal Youth
11 wrangler brutes Not See Pig selftitled cassette
12 Steve Howe Doors of Sleep Beginnings
13 (((Microwaves))) Mk Contagion Heuristic
14 Swervedriver Duel Mezcal Head
15 White Mice Blassstphlegmeice Blassstphlegmeice
16 Grateful Dead That's It For The Other One... Anthem Of The Sun
17 Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band Eastern Lunarterranium One
18 Negative Trend How Ya Feelin' Negative Trend EP
19 Nagisa Ni Te ?? On the Love Beach
20 Benoît Pioulard Corpus Chant Précis
21 DNA You & You DNA on DNA
22 Enon Mr. Ratatatatat Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds
23 Bastro Krakow, Illinois Sing The Troubled Beast
24 Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live Crypted Control I Am That Great And Fiery
25 Superdrag Unprepared In the Valley of Dying Stars
26 Lama Totuus loytyy kaurapuurosta S/T E.P. 7"
27 The Electric Soft Parade Empty At The End Holes In The Wall
28 GG Allin 1980's Rock + Roll Expose Yourself: The Singles Collection 1977-1991
29 Remo Voor Frogrammer 7"
30 The Ladies Non-Threatening They Mean Us
31 Randy Newman Yellow Man 12 Songs
32 Einstürzende Neubauten Halber Mensch 1/2 Mensch
33 Charlotte Hatherley Very Young The Deep Blue
34 Autolux Here Comes Everybody Future Perfect
35 Raccoo-Oo-Oon Cave Of Spirits The Cave Of Spirits Forever
36 The Montereys Get Down Florida Funk
37 Rufus Wainwright Grey Gardens Poses
38 Hex Screw Pynx Waltz S/T
39 Black Dice Kokomo Load Blown
40 Bad News Bats Baby Well Sleep In The Graveyard S/T EP
41 Dengue Fever I'm Sixteen S/T