Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/18/09 play list


1 Skrewdriver Back with a Bang Boots and Braces
2 Civil Dismay Warhol Genius Life is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself
3 Modern English 16 Days Mesh and Lace
4 The Purges Transmitters And We Call that Leisure Time
5 The Membranes All Skin and Bone Pulp Beating 1984 and All That
6 Cortex Animal Man You Can't Kill the Boogyman
7 Graveland Impaler of Wallachia Impaler's Wolves
8 The Breeders Doe Pod
9 March Violets Long Pig The Botanic Verses
10 Articles of Faith Wait Complete Vol.2
11 Clockcleaner Caliente Queen Babylon Rules
12 Blurt Play the Game Blurt
13 Mighty Sphincter Chinatown Ghost Walking / New Manson Family
14 Diatribe Seventeen and Dieing Diatribe EP
15 Iron Cross Wargames Flex your Head
16 Geeshie Wiley Skinny Leg Blues American Primitive Vol II
17 Chronic Sick Public Suicide Cutest Band in Hardcore EP
18 Clock DVA Disconsentment White Souls in Black Suits
19 Blues Control End Zone Puff
20 Caetano Veloso Anunciacio Caetano Veloso
21 Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead Bela Lugosi's Dead
22 Wzt Hearts 2 Heat Chief
23 Cecil Taylor Enter, Eveining (soft line structure) Unit Structures
24 Strum and Drang Woods on Fire Wild Style Cries
25 Mephisto Walz Painted Black Early Recordings

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holy crap its been awhile

Well hello folks

its been a year but I promise to update this awhole lot more. We're on 6-8pm Thursdays nights EST. Will post set list after. Anyways Here's some rad stuff we've been listening to at the DNA in the DNA / Fan Death office

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's been a long time...test fest 2008 and more!

The fest is gonna be awesome, you should be there

First show of summer 2008


1 Uzeda Steam, Rain, And Stuff Stella
2 Negative Trend How Ya Feelin Negative Trend EP
3 Star Champion of Love Devastator
4 Splitsville Manna - You Say You Believe Repeater
5 * Drunkdriver Women 12"?
6 The Rhythm Pigs Radio Silence Hyped to Death no 1
7 US Maple Bumps And Guys Talker
8 Pink Reason Storming Heaven Cleaning the Mirror
9 * The Hospitals Getting Out of Bed HAIRDRYERPEACE
10 * Spiritualized Soul on Fire Songs in A&E
11 Government Issue Hey, Ronnie Flex Your Head
12 Panicsville We Know They're Lying
13 Robert Wyatt Just as You Are Comicopera
14 Kurt Vile Don't Get Cute Constant Hitmaker
15 Tsurubami Kujiru Kaina
16 The Eat Communist Radio Killed by Death 2
17 Wold This Is How I Know Screech Owl
18 Filth Filth
19 Red House Painters New Jersey Retrospective
20 * Kid Romance Glitter and Ash Thriller
21 Vincent Gallo Laura When
22 Pia Fraus Mooie Island Pacific Union
23 Violent Students 2 Violent Students

Podcast for the show :

The past show we interviewed Kurt Vile, who is playing DNA test fest 2008. Not only is he one off the nicest dude, but his first full length is one of the best of the year. It's a mix of Neil Young, Jack Rose, My Bloody Valentine, and Jandek. Each song is different from the one before, and there is a certain kind of energy in each song we here at DNA haven't heard for a long time. Please check out his album at:

Also some really good records we've been listening to as of late

Monday, April 21, 2008





Dude do you remember the first time you heard that frogs record it's only right and natural? That was good times. Or when you bought the 3rd and 4th cro-mags lp, and it was the worst ever? So that's kinda what this will be like. DNA in the DNA has been on for pretty much a year. To party it up we're gonna have some of the harshest outsider punk noise art etc you can think of. If we can't get that then we can get bands that still think ESG is the best band of all time. Come one come all bring your cheers dvd box sets and let loose its time to do it to it.

Confirmed artists so far:

True Womanhood
Nicholas Szczepanik (me)
The Lampshades

get stoked

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charlotte Hatherley called in last night and more interviews..Plus Boredoms tickets!

We talked to Charlotte Hatherley for about 30mins last night, thanks again Charlotte it was great Podcast is below

We are giving away Boredoms tickets in dc very soon!!!

next Week Pink Reason will be calling in, requesting music and more. Again STOKED. If you haven't heard Cleaning the Mirror, do it now!!!

Ian Nagoski who not only composes rad stuff will be on to talk about the newly released compilation BLACK MIRROR. We talk Boredoms, Nirvana, La Monte Young, and Amy Winehouse??!! This will be on in 2 weeks!

Coming up soon on the show Interviews:

Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars) - Rad math-y rock, US maple, Jehu, Hella!
Superdrag (YES SUPERDRAG!!!)

Podcast2/22 : here

play list:
1 Polvo Tragic Carpet Ride Celebrate the new Dark Age
2 Brigitte Fontaine Il Pleut Brigitte Fontaine Est...
3 Morton Feldman ntermission 6 (1953) All Piano (John Tilbury)
4 * Charlotte Hatherley I Don't Need Anyone
5 The Beatles You Never Give Me Your Money Abbey Road
6 Unwound Look A Ghost Leaves Turn Inside You
7 Django Reinhardt Nuages Echoes of France
8 * Xasthur Possession A Gate of Bloodstained Mirrors
9 Fugazi Repeater Repeater + 3
10 * El Guincho Antillas Alegranza
11 David Bowie Man Who Sold The World Man Who Sold The World
12 Marnie Stern Grapefruit IN ADVANCE OF THE BROKEN ARM
13 * Charlotte Hatherley Behave The Deep Blue
14 * Charlotte Hatherley Very Young The Deep Blue
15 Kate Bush Hounds of Love Pounds of Love
16 The Lewd Treasonable Choice Rivet
17 * John Wiese Atural Magic Soft Punk
18 * John Maus Navy Seals Love Is Real
19 Thrushes Aidan Quinn Sun Come Undone
20 Boredoms Hoy Pop Tatari

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We interview Mike Shiflet and the New York Dolls!!

Un edited version of new york dolls interview here:
edited version on show next week

Mike Shiflet (Avant Noise artist) here (podcast of last weeks show):


Friday, February 1, 2008

2/1/08 playlist!



1 * Dead Meadow Ain't Got Nothing Wrong (To Go Wrong) Old Growth
2 The Smoke Trust Another Reason To Fast
3 Godstomper 2 Hell's Grim Tyrant
4 * Blank Dogs She's Violent Tonight Diana (The Herald)
5 Bastro Hirscheneck Antlers: Live 1991
6 Death In June We Drive East The Phoenix Has Risen
7 Nji R. Hadji Djoeaehn Tjimploengan (Sunda-Java) Black Mirror: Reflections In Global Musics
8 * Times New Viking Rip Allegory Rip It Off
9 Yoon Youn Sun ???? ???
10 * Hayden The Van Song In Field and Town
11 The Germs What We Do is Secret Complete Anthology
12 Quantic Walking On The Moon Rarest Funk 45s
13 Wold Nervosa Screech Owl
14 My Bloody Valentine Sugar Some EP
15 Thingy Mayday To The Innocent
16 Cheater Slicks I'm Coming Home Forgive Thee
17 * Sic Alps Bells (With Tremolo and Distortion) Description of the Harbor
18 Flux of Pink Indians Punk The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks
19 * Jay Reatard It's So Easy Blood Visions
20 Mike Shiflet 1 ICHINOMIYA 5.3.6
21 Willie Nelson Stardust Stardust
22 Ike and Tina River Deep Mountain High River Deep Moutain High
23 Possible Selves Welcome Home Possible Selves