Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charlotte Hatherley called in last night and more interviews..Plus Boredoms tickets!

We talked to Charlotte Hatherley for about 30mins last night, thanks again Charlotte it was great Podcast is below

We are giving away Boredoms tickets in dc very soon!!!

next Week Pink Reason will be calling in, requesting music and more. Again STOKED. If you haven't heard Cleaning the Mirror, do it now!!!

Ian Nagoski who not only composes rad stuff will be on to talk about the newly released compilation BLACK MIRROR. We talk Boredoms, Nirvana, La Monte Young, and Amy Winehouse??!! This will be on in 2 weeks!

Coming up soon on the show Interviews:

Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars) - Rad math-y rock, US maple, Jehu, Hella!
Superdrag (YES SUPERDRAG!!!)

Podcast2/22 : here

play list:
1 Polvo Tragic Carpet Ride Celebrate the new Dark Age
2 Brigitte Fontaine Il Pleut Brigitte Fontaine Est...
3 Morton Feldman ntermission 6 (1953) All Piano (John Tilbury)
4 * Charlotte Hatherley I Don't Need Anyone
5 The Beatles You Never Give Me Your Money Abbey Road
6 Unwound Look A Ghost Leaves Turn Inside You
7 Django Reinhardt Nuages Echoes of France
8 * Xasthur Possession A Gate of Bloodstained Mirrors
9 Fugazi Repeater Repeater + 3
10 * El Guincho Antillas Alegranza
11 David Bowie Man Who Sold The World Man Who Sold The World
12 Marnie Stern Grapefruit IN ADVANCE OF THE BROKEN ARM
13 * Charlotte Hatherley Behave The Deep Blue
14 * Charlotte Hatherley Very Young The Deep Blue
15 Kate Bush Hounds of Love Pounds of Love
16 The Lewd Treasonable Choice Rivet
17 * John Wiese Atural Magic Soft Punk
18 * John Maus Navy Seals Love Is Real
19 Thrushes Aidan Quinn Sun Come Undone
20 Boredoms Hoy Pop Tatari

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